November 06, 2009

Etsy Showcase Theme “Shades of Brown”

This month’s colour theme is “Shades of Brown”; the another colour that identifies me is softer creamy shades of brown to the deep richness of dark chocolate brown and the colours that compliment. You must look at these wonderful stores they are absolutely enchanting products! The End Peace, Bliss Candies, South Paw Studios,Deco Deli, The Leather Store, Squier Design, Zephyrwoods, Ylnda, Covent Garden Vintage, Three Sixty Bags, The Daily Pincushion, Magdalenasatelier, gBebos, The Quillpen, Arosha, Blue Rose Retro, Woby Courtney Jane, Sleeks, Viabella, Pepper Mint Designs, Rosalera, Aimee Sarmoire, Aussie Wood Craft and Danielabesso My mother used to sew dresses when I little, she made this pretty winter dress in brown seen in the photography below. Where was I inspired for this colour theme “Shades of Brown”. I was really sorry to grow out of it was soft flannelly sort of material in toffee brown with a floral collar and yoke in blending floral print finished with amber buttons. Side ponytail and beloved brown boots completed the outfit.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful collection of browns, thank you so much for including me!


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