April 30, 2010

I am still here!

I'm back and I know that my posting has been a bit lame recently, sorryyyyy. For the past 3 months I have been dealing with a dislocated disc in my jaw (Temporomandibular Joint “TMJ”). It has been a real @#*$ pain in the rear, I have not been able to get much sleep (4hrs if lucky). I am seeing a good physio, her treatments have been helping and the dislocation has been corrected. However, the jarring and the pain are still there. I might need the joint cartilage repaired, maybe need surgery HOPE NOT but enough of my bitching.

I have been trying to keep my spirits up and keep the depression at bay (keep the ugly monster away LOL)! Things took on an upswing with a couple of custom orders, a custom hand made bridal card and two pairs of my Cool Peacock earrings. It was real fun and challenging to make a replica of a bridal grown for my customer. I have also been focusing on making new jewellery styles that are in a little more dignified and fresh range, for special occasions specifically aiming towards wedding jewellery, custom orders and multiples as well. Hope to have all the new pieces uploaded in the next couple of weeks or sooner in my Diamentina Designs store.

As well, it is a little crazy here right now that there is a slight redecorating going on in the lounge room to make room for a new piece of furniture; I have lost my working space to the overflow. In a couple of days I will be doing another colour theme, I feel that pastel would be a cheerful and charming colour choice to use, for spring for my northern readers and endearing for my Australian readers. It is autumn time here and the weather has been a little damp and cool. In spite of the hurdles I will be trying to put more interesting things in my blog, before I go back to university in August.
Modern and dramatic ivory wedding dress with dark blues and purples with white gardenias flowers

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