July 16, 2010

My Etsy Stores Temporary Closing

For a sad note, I am sorry that I have closed my Etsy stores for a period due to a health difficulty.  My jaw “TMJ” has been a real #*@% pain and the cold winter weather in Brisbane aggravates it. :(   My sincere apologies for any inconvenience this temporary close in business may cause.  I will reopen in a couple of weeks or sooner.

July 15, 2010

Thank You

Hi there
I have to say thank you for all the wonderful compliments and feedbacks.  You all are very welcome; it gave me a lot of enjoyment to make my blog Etsy Showcase and Etsy’s treasuries!  There are exceptionally talented people at Etsy.  I am glad that all the stores featured were satisfied with all of my collections.  I love to hear any questions, suggestions or if there are any concerns, please let me know, communication is welcome any time!

July 05, 2010

Shades of the Oceans

My theme for this month is focused on the fresh and radiant colours of the oceans that look so beautiful when they are worn.  I felt that it would be an exceptional subject for my Etsy Showcase.  Even though these colours are not in my wardrobe very much as others suit me better, I can appreciate them.  I began this showcase drifting with the soft, delicate, and vibrant shades towards deep dark hues, like the bottom of the ocean, cool aquamarines, treasured turquoises, sophisticated teals, vigorous bright blues and introspective navy to the affable deep dark blues.

The pale green blues to the deep-sea blues of the ocean are refreshing, calming and cool colours.  The colours are mindful of the refreshing and replenishing feelings of an exhilarating splash in cool water on a bright hot sunny day or a soothing stroll on a moonlit beach. You must look at these fantastic stores; they have lots more amazing items in their collections.

The following Etsian stores featured are:

Jess James Jake, EC Designs, Mizz Mitten, Scarlet Fury, Urban Eccentric, Chicks Lab, Jewelry By JayneMarie, Jen Jewelry, MindyG, For The Cross Jewelry, Carol Hannah, Emilynn, Happy Max Designs, Honey Pie Design, Jewels By L Designs, Marie Wu Designs, Boutique Belle, Maryniky Designs Kande and Nissa Lynn.

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