October 19, 2009

Etsy Showcase Theme “Shades of Green”

Hi Everybody I know I been very shocking with neglecting my posting on blog, my damn arthritis in my back and hands have been awful. However, I have been very busy with making jewellery and designing my store identity (banner, avatar and package labelling) for my store Diamentina Design that will be opening soon. With any luck (cross my fingers) I’ll be ready and upload to go before next month. I am waiting for some parts orderings to finish off the ones that are done.

As I promised here is my own little ‘Etsy Treasures’, My Etsy Showcase Theme is Colour Green, the colour theme base that identifies me is softer shades of green and the colours that compliment.

You must look at these wonderful stores they are absolutely enchanting! Kimonos, Bags Gone Green, Petra Collection, Aged and Opulent Jewelry, Crafter All, Finley And Oliver's, NY Illustration, I Heart Fink, Me 2 Designs, Cassia Beck, Peaches 4 Me, Sora Designs, Karin Grow, Christine W Designs, Elle Jewels, CC's Designs, Yesstreen, Simon Designs, Gypsy Spirit Studio, Aaa Real Gem, Goblins Market, The LeatherStore, Dear Golden Vintage, misunrie and Lily Magnolia.

1 comment:

  1. A beautiful collection of greens, thank you so much for including me!

    Sorry to hear about your arthritus :(


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